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Common sense is something that we all have. And while some people probably have more than others, all of us, on occasion, have been guilty of not using it.

The Common Sense public safety campaign is designed to remind each and every one of us to use this often overlooked and underrated human faculty, especially around railroad tracks.

Each year, too many people are hurt or killed by not exercising caution around railroad tracks, and this joint effort between CSX, Union Pacific, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Norfolk Southern, Kansas City Southern, Amtrak and Operation Lifesaver is our attempt to promote common sense and to save lives.

So, come back often. We will have plenty of games, interactive puzzles, videos and other fun reasons to exercise your common sense.

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Railroad Safety Tips

[crossing sign]

The only safe place to cross railroad tracks is at a public crossing — designated by the crossbuck.

[mobile devices]

Turn your cell phone and MP3 players off when you're near train tracks. Forget texting, as it could be a deadly distraction near the tracks.


Look both ways and listen before crossing train tracks. Expect a train at any time.

[no crossing]

Anywhere other than a public crossing, stay off and away from the tracks.

[private property]

Tracks, trestles, rail yards and equipment are private property. If you hunt, fish or ride your ATV on the tracks, you are trespassing on private property. Besides being fined, you could lose your life.

Common Sense in History

[screenshot of timeline]

The Sphinx? The Boston Tea Party? The 1849 Gold Rush? See Common Sense as it happened throughout history HERE.

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